More governments each day are making it illegal to publish any thing that is contrary to the globalist's plan to enslave humanity. Especially targeted is Christian content, as we are essentially in the concluding stages of the conflict between God and Satan. So, if there is any content on this site you wish to download for yourself, or more importantly, for those left behind to face the coming tyranny of the 'antichrist', please do so soon. 

Tom Hughes and John Haller

Pagan Origins Now Bearing Fruit

Please Come Back

Speculation Gay pride 'stupidocrisy'
Give us a leader! What about 'manifesting' ?
Devilish digital dollar Should I use the Enneagram
Rapture vs 2nd coming Paedophilia: the last sin to go
The overlooked sign How to be saved
"The Rapture" How to know I'm saved?
Eastern Gate's fate Why did Jesus die?
More on the rapture Don't be dismayed
Finding God's will Becoming a Christian
Is rapture pre-trib? The easy way to heaven
End times prophecy Where Satan gets you
Wise & Foolish virgins Can Salvation be lost?
The antichrist The Bible
Apostasy or Departure What is a Christian?
Is Islam evil? Born again explained
Are we a lot like Lot? Salvation for dummies
What a "blast" What is "being saved?"
666 The Mark Why Jesus only
Living in end times Why Reject Jesus??
Peace and safety? Forsaken? Never!
False prophets abound Suicide no dead end
Signs of His coming Are demons real?
My favourite martian?? A cult is a cult!
Pre-tribulation eh? Carnal Christians
Which trumpet blasts last? Evolution?
Prophecy of Elam 5G Banned
Revelation revealed "One True Church" true
Post rapture scenario Sorry Mormons, but ...
Rapture fact/fiction Sorry Catholics, but..
Deceiving the elect What constitutes success?
New World Order Psychos seek psychics
The "144,000" God's flops
1000+ year forecast Heavens above!
Agog about Gog-Magog Emerging Church error
Damascus's demise? The fruit test
Possible delusions Porn Plague
Global warming, hype? Addictions
The "two witnesses" Fear Not
The "False Prophet" Forgiving
Headin' to Armageddon Biblical view of world

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Origins of Rapture Theory (pdf)
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Gospel Tract 2
"The Final Prophecies" - movie (mp4)
Coming To Jesus Testimony (pdf)
The Most Critical Info Ever (html)
"The Jesus Film" - movie (mp4)
ABC of Salvation - (short mp3)
Compassion For Children
Death By Design .. My Covid Story (pdf)
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